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    Although I can understand the first string of numbers and I know they represent quotes, it’s far more useful to look at the chart and see how the prices behaved. In fact, in the early days of trading, prices were represented similar to my numbers above on paper printed by ticker tape machines and investors read the tape in order to get a feel of the market’s direction, if they wanted a chart they had to draw it themselves. This technique of trading is called “tape reading” but once technology advanced, trading evolved also and electronic charts appeared. When this happened people started to notice that prices made patterns and that chart patterns could be predicted. I mentioned three types of charts so let’s go into them in a bit more detail:

    I’ve held an account with since 2012, 9 years and counting, when they were betonmarkets. I would say my experience is 90% positive; of course there’s always room for improvement. But truth be told is about the best options trading platform around: 1. Withdrawal is fast, efficient and consistent. The highest amount I have withdrawn, which is profit, is USD114,500 way back in 2014. Not once have they ever failed me on withdrawals. 2. Customer service is always prompt and courteous. 3. They take feedback from customers very seriously. I was once gifted $30 for granting them permission to video call me and share my experience. 4. The Education and trading resources that they make available is top notch. Finally I would advise traders to acquire sufficient trading skills and knowledge before venturing, a lot of some of the negative reviews being bandied around are based on customers’ errors, mistakes, YourAnchorTexts negligence and naivety during trading.

    A demo contest is an excellent introduction to the world of competitions and offers the chance to win free money. Yes, while you are competing with virtual cash, the rewards are real cash! You get some valuable binary options trading experience, and you have a chance to win one of many cash prizes.

    Choosing between a candlestick chart and an OHLC chart is just a matter of personal preferences because they show the same information, but to me candlestick charts look better, probably because it is the only type of chart I ever used.

    Not so long ago, I published in my blog an article about the universal indicator QQE and now it’s ti m e to show how you can effectively use it in action using the example of the 15 minutes “Trend Control” binary options trading strategy. To trade this strategy, we will need to open 2 screens with charts of the same asset, but on different timeframes. This technique is used by experienced traders often enough to avoid the so-called conflict of time scales. Such a conflict is not uncommon and consists in the fact that the same indicators can give diametrically opposite readings on different timeframes. Because It is known for certain that analyzing higher timeframes is much more reliable, in our particular case, the higher timeframe will help to reject false signals of the younger one. As the name of the strategy itself suggests, we will bet 15 minutes ahead.

    -el mail de confirmación os llegará a la carpeta spam , el mismo día o al día siguiente -comprobad en el mail de confirmación el precio y las fechas de cada horario, no olvidéis pagar la matrícula si sois alumnos nuevos -rellenad un formulario por alumno -si pone “completo” elegid otro horario por favor.

    Charts can tell a lot of information that in the wrong hands can result in catastrophic losses. You need to know what it is that you are looking at which is why education is important. The most important thing to take note of is the time frame of the chart. Is it short term, long term, mid term, near term, ultra short term, one day, two day, one minute, one week, one month or any of a dozen more time settings. Failing to recognize this can result in using the wrong expiry, or even making the wrong analysis, if the candlestick in question is not complete. Something else that is just as important, maybe more so for the real short term traders, is lag time. Not all charts give real time live feeds. In most cases free or easy to access charts will have a lag time as a large as 15 or 20 minutes and that is not good for taking signals NOW.

    -el mail de confirmación os llegará a la carpeta spam , el mismo día o al día siguiente -comprobad en el mail de confirmación el precio y las fechas de cada horario, no olvidéis pagar la matrícula si sois alumnos nuevos -rellenad un formulario por alumno -si pone “completo” elegid otro horario por favor.

    You need to consider how good a trader you are. You may think you are terrific but how well do you know those that you are going to be playing? The chances are you don’t, and while you may choose your broker well, you can’t select your opponents. Don’t go in too high too early with a false sense of security.

    Despite having invested thousands of dollars and limitless hours learning on their portal, they restricted my account for no apparent reason more than 3 weeks ago. I had to go into numerous rounds of emails with their live-chat back and forth for more than 2 weeks trying to resolve this with them and no luck, so I withdrew all my funds, but then I filed a complaint with the complaints department which was answered by reactivating the account within 2 days. So I redeposited some funds back to start trading again, only to be dumbfounded again after only 24 hours that they decided to close the account again. I guess that some people behind the live-chat can take communications with them or complaints against them rather personally, and may give you hell without anyone bothering about it.

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