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    Price action trading using candlesticks is a time-tested method of predicting price behavior. Candlesticks can give an indication of what the buyers and sellers are doing in a market. So by studying the candlestick patterns, you can tell when prices are about to move in a certain direction. This takes away the gambling component from the Martingale strategy and makes for more successful predictions.

    5 min Stochastic Cross Alert Binary Options Strategy.
    Submit by Maximo Trader 22/09/2013.
    This 5 min Binary Options Strategy High/Low is a price action strategy based on Stochastic cross alert filterd by ATR Ratio with trigger 1.0.
    Time Frame 1min: Expires Time 5 min.
    Price action channel formed by two smoothed moving averages with High and Low (3 periods);
    Stochastic Cross Alert indicator (3,2,2);
    Brian Trend indicator;
    ATR Ratio indicator (7, 49, trigger 1.0).
    Rules for 5min Binary Options Strategy High Low :Stochastic Cross Alert.
    Trade only in trend. The trend is determined by Brian Trend Indicator.
    Buy call.
    Brian Trend Blue dots;
    Stochastic cross alert green arrow (3,2.2);
    ATR Ratio value>trigger line (>1.0);
    If these conditions are agreed, when you see the blue arrow, buy a Options Binary call only if the price of the candle alert is into the price action channel .
    Buy Put.
    Brian Trend Red dots;
    Stochastic cross alert red arrow (3,2.2);
    ATR Ratio value>trigger line (>1.0);
    If these conditions are agreed, when you see the red arrow, buy a Options binary put.

    The first trade in this example resulted in a win of $80, representing 80% payout for an initial investment of $100. Unfortunately for the trader, the next trade was a loss. Given the fact that a losing trade can wipe out a previous winning trade of the same level of investment with residual loss on the account capital, the trader’s account went below the starting capital. We can also see the sequence of loss continued with the next trade. Now down by $220, the trader decided to employ a Martingale strategy by doubling up on the previous investment. The resulting win ended up covering the losses sustained and still left the trader with $100 extra on the starting capital.

    The latter is one of the most outstanding values ​​of the line charts since they show exactly the current position of the market, marked in red if it has recently fallen or in green if it has risen.

    Welcome to the binary options, all the security are available in the Nadex and CBOE. Binary options allow their users to intract with the time-bound and thus the whole binary trading options will be in their hands.

    Brokers compete for your account by offering incentives such as bonuses and other promotions. Most brokers offer the same bonuses, spread rates, and fees. Here are just a few of the commonly advertised incentives:

    Always use the paid option indicator so that there is no one error in the list and there’s no flaw present in the trading as we want the profitable and perfect trading in the trading system that allows us to be the one of the best trading system in the way we are going on, so be patient and always do the same predigrity in the forex trading with the most powerful term “Binary Options Indicator”.

    This option is the simplest way to trade with the binary trading in the forex trading for the best of best results. It is very comfortable, cheap, simple and important accurate binary option in the market.

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    You can pay the $45 to bet the price of gold will be above more than $1250 at the time between 15 to 30 minutes. Means to say that the average profit of this trade can be more than 1200 of united state dollars. Gain the deposit of the $33 if the bet by you is bitcoin and will be below &359 just today. If the all gain profit doesn’t drop then the lose will be only $59 that is no so much big lose in the market as usually it can be more than billions dollars trade everyday in the forex trading from the binary option indicator to be profitable.

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    Technical analysis is the fundamental pillar of short-term trading, and therefore it should be your top priority when trading binary options. To do a good job of technical analysis in binary options, you must take into account several important points, such as timing, long and short-term patterns, long-wick candles, short-wick candles, and what this implies for the following market movements. This will allow you to know 3 important indicators that will help you predict which is the most likely movement of the market: the price, the market volume, and the open interest.

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