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    Now that you’ve decided on direction, you have to choose an expiration time. These are usually preset by the broker so you will only be able to pick from a given list of expiries. In our example we are trading Short Term options so we can pick between 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes or 5 minutes. In other words, we have to answer the question “Will my asset be higher or lower than current price after 30 seconds, or 1 minute, or 2 minutes (etc.)?” When the 30 seconds (or whatever expiration we have chosen) have passed, we will know the outcome: if price is higher and we’ve chosen Call, we win. If price is lower and we’ve chosen Put, we win. Any other scenario means we lost the investment but, as stated above, some brokers offer a refund of up to 15% even if your trade wasn’t successful. Next you have to choose how much you want to invest on the trade. This depends on your money management rules, your skill as a trader and how much “trust” you have in the trade. Picture coming up:

    Pin bars are one of our favorite binary options trading patterns because it is the most consistent in binary options trading. The pin bar is very easy to identify and therefore offers great potential for some great profits. Pin bars are candlesticks with an unusually low open price, followed by a single high-low candle that closes near the high price of the previous candlestick.

    Long-legged doji candlestick patterns are best suited for longer-term trends lasting around ten or more days, but can also be used to predict shorter-term price swings too. A bullish long-legged doji predicts further upward movement and a bearish one signals future downward movement after it has formed.

    It’s not hard to understand what the bonus means – invite your friend with the offered referral link and get some percent of the amount, spent by a friend on the binary options platform. The bonus is offered by various companies and usually reaches 5%-10% of the funds spent by the friend.

    Cherry Trade are based in Gibraltar, and have been in operation for just over a year (Established 2014). They are powered by the Spot Option Platform which is the most technologially advanced Binary Options Trading Engine that exists today. Due to their use of the Spot backoffice and engine, they have the facility to not only provide excellent trading options, but they also have a superb suite of user tools and learning resources that make them a great option for Binary Options customers. They accept traders from just about every country you can think of (including the USA) so there us no reason not to sign up.

    To trade binary options you will need to open an account with a brokerage. Since 2008 when binary options became available to the large public, Ttlink.Com brokers have started to appear and they never stopped. Nowadays, literally hundreds of such brokers are operating and just waiting for you to open an account. Registration is free of charge and all you have to pay is some bank transaction fees (in some cases) and of course, the money you want to invest. Be careful though because not all of these brokers are trustworthy. We recommend you choose one of our Recommended Brokers or at least a regulated one. Also, before you venture into the binary options industry we advise you to read our articles on How To Choose Your Binary Options Broker and Binary Options Regulation – Everything You Need To Know.

    These patterns are said to represent uncertainty when they form in a market environment where there is high momentum. Some traders consider this to signify an increased potential for either higher highs or lower lows in prices shortly.

    The video on the front page isn’t doing the profit magnet developers any favors, especially if they are trying to deter people from believing that this is a get rich quick scam. When the video starts a loud voice comes out of the speakers telling us that we can start making $1000 per day starting today. It’s essentially the same story we’ve been fed by nearly every other binary developer for the past 6 months. Is that enough for me to totally dismiss this product? No, but it’s also not a reason for me to feel positive and make me want to jump in. These types of claims scare me away because so many developers are trying to offer us a product that’s too shiny and perfect.

    The mobile trading bonus is the type of bonus that can be activated by mobile users only. Many binary options have mobile apps for happy Android and privileged iOS users. Some platforms offer a certain percentage of the amount you lose for referring a friend. Others calculate the bonus amount based on the funds spent by your friend.

    In addition, the Inverted Hammer might also be utilized as a part of an inside bar strategy, which is a trading approach in which you start long trades when the price passes above the open/close point for that candle (i.e., it breaks out).

    The profit magnet website is what we’ve grown to expect from binary options product marketers and developers. There is an overly aggressive video, an email subscription form and some Facebook testimonials that despite my internet acumen, I can’t for the life of me find. There is a table of constantly updating results but I’m always skeptical about these because in my prior research I’ve found that if you come to websites like this on the weekend new trades are still popping up despite the market being closed. I’m not saying that this is the case with this vendor, but it’s certainly a possibility. It doesn’t seem like the other review sites are giving this system a favorable review either which we have to take into account.

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