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    A significant percentage of the population has addiction problems.
    Alcoholism and gambling addictions are among the most frequent forms of addiction. Contrary to what people might think, these two addictions are very much related to each other. Often, coincidences determine whether somebody becomes a gambler or an alcoholic.
    The root causes for an addiction lie in childhood and youth experiences – often traumatic experiences. Drugs are regarded as the solution to solve the problem and to ease the pain. For example, if somebody is constantly beaten up at home, he might find getting drunk an adequate escape from his de

    Nov 19 (Reuters) – Britain’s FTSE 100 index is seen opening higher with futures up 0.39% on Friday.
    * UNILEVER: Unilever Plc has agreed to sell its global tea business to CVC Capital Partners for 4.5 billion euros ($5.1 billion), concluding a process of reviewing and spinning off the division that took more than two years. * GB GROUP: Data intelligence specialist GB Group said on Thursday it would buy U.S.-based peer Acuant Intermediate for an enterprise value of $736 million, expanding its identity verification and identity fraud prevention business.

    * INFLATION: People in Britain turned more confident this month despite worries about inflation and they were more willing to purchase expensive items, according to a survey that will be welcome news to retailers preparing for the Christmas season. * POUND: The pound slid against the euro and edged down slightly against the dollar on Thursday as traders assessed whether recent gains linked to expectations of a central bank rate hike have gone too far.

    * METALS: Aluminium prices jumped on supply disruption worry after a smelter in China reportedly stopped production after an explosion. * MARKET REPORT: Britain’s FTSE 100 ended lower on Thursday as heavyweight mining and energy stocks tracked weak commodity prices, while online gambling software developer Playtech jumped after receiving a third takeover bid in the past two months.


    Unfortunately, you cannot rely on donations alone as your source of income, as they usually coincide with random events. You may see a good influx of donations one month, and then have little or no donations over the next

    . Twitch has a partner program through which its partners earn. As a partner, you can display ads on their channels and earn $3 for every 1000 ads viewed.
    On top of that, you get $5 per month for every subscriber yo

    . Somebody who is an alcoholic today could have become a gambler or a workaholic if circumstances would have been different. Getting drunk in front of his friends might have taught the 16-year-old that alcohol is a great way to gain social re

    r Every video game you know is a result of coding. Game design companies often look for ways to make their games feel right and look as realistic as possible.
    Accomplishing this goal is not an easy task, and it often leads them to independent players to offer objective feedback about what is good, bad, or what works and what do


    Twitch is the most popular streaming platform, and its average concurrent viewers is 1.44 million, according to Business of Apps. Since it entered the market in 2011, Twitch has become a preferred streaming platform among video game enthus

    The epicenter of Bitcoin mining has called it quits. On Sept. 24, China’s Central Bank declared all crypto-related transitions illegal, citing concerns about gambling fraud and money laundering. The move sparked a sharp drop in markets; some investors raced to dump their holdings, and the price of Bitcoin fell nearly 10% after the announcement, before quickly regaining some lost ground. 

    s One of the simplest and oldest forms of making money off professional gaming is taking part in tournaments. Essentially, video games create communities, which become competitive over time. The competitiveness leads to tournaments and prizes.
    Therefore, if you’re good enough at certain video games, and you make an effort to engage in ongoing tournaments, you can make a lot of money. If you reach a certain stage in a tournament, you receive a share of the tournament’s prize pool. The prize pools are usually common in single-player-focused titles although the team competitions in the key tournaments usually share prize pools with players who represented the organiz

    . Just like blogging, how much money you make will depend on your content’s popularity, as you’ll be doing more advertising work.
    As a reviewer, you’ll need to stay up to date with the game space by playing and watching gaming highlights regularly to keep your content

    More recently, China has taken aim at crypto-mining operations within its borders. In 2019, China’s state planner expressed interest in banning Bitcoin mining. And earlier this year, the Chinese government outlawed crypto mining in various provinces — including the Bitcoin mining epicenter of Sichuan. It’s still unclear how the ban will affect e-CNY, China’s own state-backed digital currency.

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