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    That fishing boat “was in danger, due to the bad weather conditions at sea and due to the elevated number of persons on board,” the Coast Guard said. After being rescued by two motorboats, they were transferred to a larger Coast Guard vessel.

    What was more, he and his generals felt threatened by their neighbours: France to the west, Russia to the east. They were convinced that Russia, industrialising at a breakneck rate, was bound to challenge them at some point.

    The original leak stemmed from a 17.5-mile pipeline spanning from Amplify’s Elly oil rig seven miles off the coast of Long Beach to a pump station operated by Beta Offshore, a Long Beach unit of Houston-based Amplify, and spread to a slew of beaches and coastal areas across California’s Orange County

    In an update, officials said that they were not able to observe the reported oil sheen, and were investigating whether the sighting was related to the breached pipeline, remediation efforts, or a separate source.

    The two new boats are part of a security package to Ukraine worth over $2.5 billion since 2014, the year when Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula and Russian-backed separatists seized a swath of eastern Ukraine, the U.S.


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    Nov 13 (Reuters) – South Korea women’s head coach Colin Bell has been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19, the sport’s national federation, the Korea Football Association (KFA), said on Saturday.

    At 11pm, the chimes of Big Ben echoed through the open windows, followed by the sound of crowds singing God Save The King. There had been no reply from Berlin. A few moments later, a signal flashed from the Admiralty to Britain’s fleet across the world.

    Meanwhile, a different coast guard vessel was headed to the port of Porto Empedocle on Saturday evening in Sicily with more than 350 migrants aboard after they were plucked to safety from a foundering fishing boat 70 miles (115 kilometers) from the Sicilian coast, the statement said.

    Brooding, lonely and depressive, he became convinced that Britain must fight.
    If we stayed out, he thought, the Germans would win, France would be finished and we would be friendless on the world stage.

    The statement described the rescue of the larger number of migrants as “complex.” Four cargo ships in the area were pressed into service to “mitigate the impact of the wind” on the rescue operation, it said, allowing the migrants to be safely rescued.

    The International Organization for Migration reported the latest tragedy in a tweet on Saturday, attributing the information to 15 survivors who were rescued by fishermen and brought to the port of Zuwara in northwestern Libya.

    Gavrilo had found a new and incendiary passion — politics. He sought somebody to blame for his misfortunes and, like other youngsters from his Bosnian Serb background, he focused on the Austrians who had ruled Bosnia since 1878.

    The Kremlin said in September that NATO would cross a Russian red line if it expanded its military infrastructure in Ukraine, and Moscow has since accused Ukraine and NATO of destabilising behaviour, including in the Black Sea.


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    But what was it all about, that first Great War? Why did it happen? And how did more than five million young men from Britain and Ireland find themselves on the beaches of Gallipoli, in the deserts of Mesopotamia, in the hills of Palestine and, above all, in the mud of the Western Front?


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